Online Health Sector Jobs – Find Out More

Are you searching for an online job that is also health related? There are two online jobs that can easily fit your bill and fix your bills!

1. Medical transcription
2. Online counseling.

Increasing number of people wish to work at home, since it is more comfortable. Besides, it also offers the much desired flexibility of working hours. Some take up online jobs as a part time option, and there are few, who have learned the technique to earn as much and more with their internet based jobs.

Medical transcription is changing the audio transcripts to text version. Many hospitals and clinics rely upon audio tapes, where the doctor’s instructions and post operative or pre-operative line of treatment is recorded. Since there is no time to convert these instructions into text, the audio tapes are sent via internet to the clients who convert these into text files, and these are returned back to the hospitals for patient’s record, or hospital record purpose.

The audio transcript need to be converted after hearing the keenly. The words should be correctly understood, and converted, since these are medical files. Any mistake may mean different. Thus this job requires prior training of about 6 months, but it is worth it, as medical transcriptionist is well paid position.

Different countries have different pronunciation. So an American language, British English, or Australian, or African English etc all sound different. Thus, a medical transcriptionist has to be well versed with the language of the country to which the medical files belong to. Online medical transcription job can be easily done from home, and you can also make a good income from home.

Another online health related career that is fast picking up is online counseling. Many people seek counseling for various reasons. Sometimes it is for a mental illness or stress, some are age related issues, or family matters etc. Many people do not wish to reveal their identity to the counselor. Thus an online counselor is the best option for people who want help but wish to remain anonymous.

There are many parents who are stressed with their teen age children misbehaving, and seek guidance. There are people who have suicidal tendencies. Those who suffer due to a failed relation wish to explode and confess their pain. Thus online counseling guides and supports them and gives them the support they need in this tough time. You can be helpful to those who shy away and are embarrassed from seeking help.

Being a trained psychologist is always beneficial for this job. There are many sites that need trained psychologist. But if you are not, you can undergo the required training, and begin your online counseling consultancy right away from home, and be useful to the society, besides having a booming highly paid career. They direct the clients or people who seek help to you and you are paid per hour of session. Alternatively, you can also start your own website and offer help to people who wish to sort out their issues.

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